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Two Large Panorama Views - Historic West Lake Hangzhou - Zhejiang [and] Early Development on East Shore.

[West Lake, Hangzhou, circa 1914-1921]

Two very large panoramic photographs, 113cm each, of West Lake [Xi hu] at Hangzhou [Hangchow], taken by a professional Chinese photographer, shortly after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, when the lands surrounding the lake became publicly accessible and developed for business and residential use. Photographs measure approximately 113 x 25 cm, each rolled into a scroll. One bears the photographer's Chinese text caption stamped in ink to verso. Occasional marks and creasing, otherwise in very good condition, exceedingly scarce historic photographs of West Lake.

Dating the Photographs: The presence of then modern buildings, in particular the first building of the "New Hotel" established in 1913 not far from the Bai Causeway on the eastern shore, reveals that these views date after 1913. The hotel complex would erect a second building in 1922, which is not seen here, revealing that the photographs were taken in 1921 or earlier. The Leifeing Pagoda on Sunset Hill, captured still standing in a state of disrepair, confirms that the photographs were taken sometime before 1924 when it collapsed.

US$12,500 - HK$98,000

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