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軍事第一/勝利第一. [Jun shi di yi/sheng li di yi]. [Chinese Anti-Japanese War Propaganda Posters - The Military Affairs Above All; Victory Above All].
No publication details. (circa1939).

Rare Chinese Anti-Japanese war propaganda poster in blue and black, featuring a large head and shoulders portrait of Chiang Kai-shek with the characters 抗戰 [To Fight Against Japan] and 建國 [To Establish the Country] repeated many times in the background. Horizontal fold, two closed tears one in the central section of the poster, the second from lower margin with two small chips along lower margin, paper somewhat acidic but generally good. 

On the reverse at the right upper corner the poster is stamped "Chinese News Service/ 1250 Sixth Avenue/New York N.Y.". Above the stamp a small label gives a typed translation of the Chinese text on the poster. Glue from the label is visible in the upper right corner of the poster. 

Sheet measures 55.8 x 43.1cm. Text lower section translates "The military affairs above all; victory above all]. 
Lower margin reads "China Branch of the International Anti-Invasion Movement".

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