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United China Relief Posters (circa 1944)

A collection of five color-lithograph posters by artists James Montgomery Flagg and Martha Sawyers published by United China Relief. On card as issued. Uncommon. Occasional very light wear to corners but overall in very good condition.

These posters reveal the fascinating story of the significant American

– Chinese connection in the early years of the second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) and the overlapping years of World War II as advanced by an influential American publisher, Henry Luce, and American and Chinese advocacy groups with an anti-Communist / pro-Christian agenda. Then, as now, conflicting opinions on America’s role in the world riled the U.S. citizenry. Henry Luce, the wealthy and influential founder and editor of Time, Life, and Fortune magazines, whose 1941 editorial in Life coined the term "the American Century," was a strong advocate for U.S. global leadership.

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