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優秀的青年/到空軍中去.[You xiu de qing nian/dao kong jun zhong qu].[Chinese WWII Recruitment Poster - The Outstanding Youth; Go Joining the Air Force].
No publication details. (circa1940).

Rare coloured Chinese World War II recruitment poster, featuring a uniformed Chinese soldier from the National Army holding his right hand high, two military planes on the ground behind him, while three others fly in formation behind him. 

On the reverse at the right upper corner the poster is stamped "Chinese News Service/ 1250 Sixth Avenue/New York N.Y.". Above the stamp a small label gives a typed translation of the Chinese text on the poster. Glue from the label is visible in the upper right corner of the poster image. Horizontal fold. 

Blocks of text left section and lower margin in traditional Chinese, poster sheet measures 55.7 x 43cm. Text on the left of the poster translates as "The outstanding youth are joining the air force." Text along the lower margin "Printed by Political Department of Military Affairs Committee."

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