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Lecourt, H(enri).  La cuisine Chinoise. Pekin, (Albert Nachbaur) 1925. 25,5 : 19 cm. 9 leaves, 141 pages, 1 leaf and 11 unnumbered subtitles With 3 woodcut-plates and some woodcut-vignettes. Original illustrated wrappers in yellow, red, blue, green and black, housed in a red calf box.                              

Very rare original edition of one of the first Chinese cook books in French language. One of only 500 copies, printed on 'papier pelure chinoise'. Contains 250 recepeis of the chinese 'Haute Cuisine' and descripes the local spacialities, costums at the eating table and the preparation. The titles of the recipes in French with Chinese characters. 'Edition originale. C'est le plus important livre sur la cuisine chinoise ecrit en francais' (Oberle 289). The author Henri Lecourt lived since 1930 in Tentsien (Tianjin) and was married to a Chinese cook. In the very decorative original wrappers.  Housed in a box, specially made for this book.

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