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Keisai, Eisen [illustrated by]. Famous Chinese Warrior Tales, Illustrated by Eisen `Ehon Suikoden` [繪本水滸伝]

Tokyo: Okura Magobei: Okura Shoten, Meiji 23 [1890]. First edition.   

A lavishly coloured woodblock-printed collection of 79 figures and 4 scenes from Shi Nai'an`s Chinese classic Water Margin`, in two volumes.

Stunningly illustrated by master ukiyo-e artist Keisai Eisen (1790–1848), perhaps best known  for his paintings of beautiful women [bijin-ga]. 

Original Japanese fukuro-toji bindings. Minor wormhole repairs to first leaf of v.1 and title slip of v.2, otherwise fine. 

2 v., complete. 24.2x16.7cm. 45 leaves. Text in Japanese.


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