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Published under the auspices of the Tongwenguan* by one of the most influential promoters of science in Pekin


Billequin (A.), 法国畢 利幹[ Faguo Biligan], 化學指南Huaxue zhinan [Guide to Chemistry]. Beijing Tongwenguan北京同文馆, Tongzhi同治癸酉(1873). 10 册.

A. Billequin (1837–1894), who taught chemistry at the Tongwenguan, translated the popular textbook by Faustino Malaguti into Chinese. He was the only member of his generation in China who had been formally trained in this discipline. During his stay in China he performed a variety of chemical research, wrote on traditional Chinese chemical arts and translated a second text (Huaxue chanyuan Explanation of the principles of chemistry, a study of chemical analysis) that appeared in 1882, translated from Karl Fresenius's Chemical analysis.


事实上,毕利干是19世纪末在华西人中仅有的受过专业训练的化学研究人员。在华任教其间他进行了一系列化学实验、撰写了古代中国化学技艺的文章,并在1882年翻译出版了德国分析化学家富里西尼乌斯的著作《化学阐原》(Explanation of the principles of chemistry, a study of chemical analysis)。

* A Government school for teaching scientific subjects founded in 1862

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