Fair highlight from INLIBRIS and KOTTE


[Photograph album]. Album chinois. No place or date (but before 1857). Lithographic title page, 41 albumen prints with captions pasted below the images.                                           
The first book illustrated with photographs to depict Chinese subjects. An important document for the re-emergence of the Jesuit missions in China in 19th century. The album is composed of 41 albumen prints, 17 of which reproduce original photographic portraits taken by the missionaries. Of the utmost rarity, only two copies are referenced by World Cat (BnF and Getty). The BnF dates their copy "between 1850 and 1870", but the Getty copy is known to have been in the library of a collector who died in 1857. 

INLIBRIS, Rathausstraße 19, 1010 Wien, Austria

KOTTE Autographs, Weberweg 2, 87672 Roßhaupten, Germany